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oh my twitchy witchy girl

i think you are so nice.

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Hey there! You have reached the private journal of me, onlyalive8. Chances are you have found me through all the fan art graphics I post. If you are looking for my artwork, please head on over to imemine_art. If you have an icon/graphics request for me, check out pennylane_art. Both communites are private, so you will have to join to view entries.
Now about me! (for those that are actually curious) The name is Jessica. I am a born again Christian. I love Jesus with all my heart. I am 110% pro-life. If you wanna know why, just ask me. It has so much more to it than just a biblical standpoint. I am a computer/graphics/food/fashion/music/baseball/gymnastics/swimming junkie. I can guarantee there is absolutely no getting in touch with me during the summer olympics! LOL. I absolutely love making icons. It totally chills me out after a long, stressful day at work. It drives my boyfriend absolutely crazy. He says, "don't you ever get tired of all those little squares?" LOL. my obvious answer-nope. i def do not. I aspire to become a photographer. Preferably wedding photography, but if I was to gain my ultimate dream, I would work as a photographer for National Geographic. Aim high, right? If you are interested in my photography, you are welcome to check my flickr account. I love movies, books, & reading. My fav book series are the Chronicles of Narnia and Twilight Saga. I have started to write about certain outfits & recipes here at this journal. Think we have anything in common, be sure to say so here. If you don't & just add me as a friend, I will probably not add you back.

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Water for ElephantsThe Wonderful Wizard of OzEnd of the SpearThrough Gates of SplendorIf I PerishLosers and Winners, Saints and Sinners: How to Finish Strong in the Spiritual Race

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Singer - B.Reith
Band - switchfoot
Rapper - Trip Lee
Movie - Coraline
Ship - KStew & Rpattz
TVshow - Gilmore Girls
Actor - Laurence Olivier
Actress - Bette Davis
Book - Breaking Dawn
Poet - Robert Frost
Game - Tomb Raider
Photographer - Lara Jade
Baseball Team - Phillies
Gymnasts - Nastia Liukin
Football Team - Colts
Swimmer - Dara Torres
Hockey Team - Islanders
Bible book - Psalms
Bible woman - Esther
Bible man - Peter
color - pink
drink - bubble tea
restaurant - cheesecake factory
season - spring